Hi.  I'm Adelia and these are my designs.  I love to photograph our beautiful coast and turn those images into wearable art.  My hope is that my photo jewelry will bring comfort & a smile to those who wear it.  I want us all to be able to take that good ocean energy with us everywhere we go!  I also hope they serve as reminders to pause & appreciate the natural beauty we have around us.  In my humble opinion, those little pauses are some of the best stuff life has to offer, and that's why I love to celebrate them.

My memorial jewelry line is made using the cremains of lost loved ones & pets.  It's so hard to lose a loved one (with or without fur), and no matter how pretty the container, a box or an urn of ashes still feels incredibly sad to me.  It gives me great satisfaction to take something so sad and transform it into tangible, beautiful creations that hold a more celebratory energy of the lives passed.  In fact, in the photo shown, I'm wearing a memorial piece containing the ashes of my own lost loved one.

I'm as passionate about saving animals as I am about making art so a portion of Soul Anchor profits assists ongoing local & global animal rescues.  Thanks for checking out my designs!