I named this one "Endless Possibilities" because although I frequently visit the same places to take photos, the possibilities of what I may see there are endless.  Life is like that too. You just never know what new good surprises await you around the next corner.  On the morning that I took this photo, I was supposed to meet a friend at the beach to watch the sunrise.  My friend bailed on me because it was raining, and I decided to go anyway and take a chance that maybe the rain would stop.  As if by magic, as I parked my car to get out and walk onto the beach, the rain stopped and this beautiful sight you see in these lightweight earrings awaited me.  What delight!  May endless possibilities and happy surprises fill your days!  Earrings are 18mm with a drop length of 1 1/2 in.

Endless Possibilities: Beach Necklace

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